Fun and Unusual Wedding Day Transportation Ideas

Most couples opt for a limousine or classic car to get them to their wedding ceremony.  Over the years, though, we’ve seen examples where the bride and groom have thrown caution to the wind and chosen a transport option that is a little bit different…and very fun!


If you’re the type that doesn’t like to follow the norm, you might be interested in one these ideas for getting to the church on time…

  1. Throw tradition firmly out of the window by arriving together on a beautiful tandem bike.  It’s up to you whether you want to have it pink and decorated with ribbons!
  2. If you’re getting married in a rural setting, think of about arriving in a (very clean) tractor.
  3. Make your arrival a group affair by picking up your bridesmaids along the way in a decorated mini-bus.
  4. Bring a little of the Far East into your wedding by hiring rickshaw transport – so long as there’s a safe route to your ceremony.
  5. Cause a stir by arriving in a converted fire truck or police car.
  6. If money is no object, you might even consider making a dramatic entrance in a helicopter or even a hot air balloon.  We think you might need some bravery in addition to a deep pocket to try one of those!


Whatever wild and quirky ideas you have for your wedding, we’re confident that we can help.


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