3 Cool Ideas to Make Your Wedding the Best Party of the Year

3 Cool Ideas to Make Your Wedding the Best Party of the Year

When it comes to planning your wedding, there are certain things that are good to know. Things like mermaid silhouettes being all the rage or purple making a comeback.
And then there are things you absolutely must know; essential advice that makes the bride go: “Oh I’m so glad I know this, we’re going to have the best wedding party ever!”
Well, let’s take a look at three great tips that’ll no doubt make your wedding a talked about event for years to come.
Photo Booths
A photo booth rental is a fantastic way of adding a unique element to your wedding. Fun and precious moments of your life can be captured; Funny faces and expressions, goofy and impressive posses alike, as well as laughter, can all be captured in vivid detail and kept alive for a lifetime. You could even give these photos away to guests as a souvenir. A lot of brides these days are going for photo booth rentals instead of conventional photographers, adding a certain level excitement and engagement to the event.
The internet’s a great way of looking for photo booth rentals. Choose between different colors like plain old classic black and white or vivid and vibrant colors that stand out, for a long lasting and prominent effect. You could ask your guests to leave a personalized message with the photos too. These booths are exquisitely designed, and blend in with the wedding theme, in addition to your preferences.
Vendor Food in the Parking Lot
A few hours pass, dinner’s over and a lot of the guests are still out on the dance floor. This is the perfect opportunity to serve up a surprise snack. Ask a local food vendor to pull up his truck right outside the wedding. The parking lot is probably the best place. You might want to give your guests a wrist band so they can walk up to the vendor and get a snack, then go right back to the fun activities. Snacks could include Korean tacos or cup cakes with both you and your spouse’s initials. Breakfast foods like pancakes and waffles also make for a great late-night treat.
Have an Informal Party
Some brides just have a knack for planning an after-party that’s, well, in some cases more complex than the reception. The truth is most guests just want to let loose and have a good time. Why don’t you save a little planning time? Rent a bus to drop guests off at the local nightclub. You could go along with them, or stay back with your spouse for some alone time. The bride and groom usually don’t go. More importantly, a wedding’s about the experience you and your guests share. Guests leaving with the feeling that they just had the best time; well, you know your work is done!
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  1. Caleb says:

    For a great party at your wedding hire a reliable DJ. The right DJ can make sure that everyone has a good time.

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