What Should I Wear to My Engagement Session?

What Should I Wear to My Engagement Session?

Well, it’s time for that engagement session you’ve been waiting for. You’ve been anticipating it anxiously, visualizing it over and over. But what’s this lump you feel starting to form in your throat? It’s quite normal for many couples to be over-anxious and a bit nervous before their engagement session shoot.
What’s the best way to dress? How many outfits would suffice? Are patterns good? These are all quite legitimate questions. Anybody looking to draw a little inspiration can certainly make good use of the tips presented in this article.
Learn to Appreciate Each Other’s Wardrobe
The engagement shoot is a chance to be completely yourself and showcase your very own personal style. Go with everyday clothes or use it as an excuse to dess up. It’s good to match your clothes with your spouse’s, but don’t go overboard with this. Just make sure you aren’t clashing while not being too “matchy matchy”.
Dress to Blend in
You’ve got on your favorite cocktail dress, but you’re not going be standing in the middle of the woods, are you? Just visualize for a minute the place you’ve chosen for your shoot and pick your outfits accordingly. Let’s say your neighborhood is lined up with beautiful colors in the form of houses, doors and fences. You’d want to pick colorful outfits that make you blend in nicely with the environment, not make you stand out like a disguised ninja against a clear blue sky!
Be Completely at Ease
One of the golden rules of engagement sessions – be completely comfortable and be yourself. You’ll most likely be doing a lot of sitting, standing, posing and walking so go with clothes that make you feel at ease. A lot of brides are going to be tempted to put on cute heels. Well, that’s OK, but engagement shoots in an outdoor setting may very well involve a lot of walking between multiple locations – take a pair of comfortable flats along with you. The whole idea is to feel completely confident about what you’re wearing. Pick clothes you love, clothes that stir up good memories and bring out your best features. Just keep comfort and convenience in mind.
Pick your Outfits Together
This is actually great practice for marriage – working together to plan the engagement session. By default, most women just want to run the show! It’s important though, to listen to your man. Ask him what he’s comfortable wearing. Most important of all, ask him what he’d like to see you wear. This can be a great confidence building drill and develops a better bond of trust.
Invite Those Accessories in!
Good outfits are often tied in with great accessories; carefully plan out your jewelry, scarves, belts, shoes or anything that can add color and variety to your overall appearance. Don’t count anything out, not even that tacky ring you got from your cash-savvy neighbor last year!
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