Why You Should Rent Not Buy Suits for Your Wedding

Why You Should Rent Not Buy Suits for Your Wedding

The day comes when a man must venture into the next chapter of his adult life and this day is actually one of the most marked and memorable days in his life – marriage.
Men’s wedding suits come in a generous variety; all kinds of designs, cuts and colors, you have plenty of options to choose from. Go with a traditional tux or pick a suit that better matches your aura.
There are plenty of reasons to go with the traditional tuxedo. Most formal weddings lend themselves to a tux rather than a suit. As a more “traditional” type of man, you may not want to imagine yourself in nothing but a tuxedo.
For those willing to experiment a little, a suit might offer more style and options. Modern wedding suits give way to a lot of styles and personal expression. These are perfect for less formal weddings. A traditional British suit, also known as a morning suit, has become a popular choice.
Men’s wedding tuxedos or suits can be purchased or rented. There are several good reasons to rent than buy one. By renting you’re actually doing yourself a big favor: a seasoned tux rental company handles everything. This involves taking your measurements, providing accessories you may like and getting the entire ensemble ready and good to go when the day comes. It’s also far cheaper to rent a suit rather than outright purchase one. That goes without saying.
Suit/tuxedo rentals are just perfect for men who simply prefer not to or don’t have to wear suits regularly. It certainly doesn’t make sense to buy a nice, expensive suit just to wear once at your wedding. Another added plus of renting them is that you’ll see a lot of these suits come ready with formal accessories; if not, they are much cheaper to rent than buy anyway. Accessories include your tie, shoes, shirt, studs, cufflinks, suspenders and vest or cummerbund.
This one truly is a major reason everybody should be renting suits instead – those not wanting to commit to one tuxedo and going with what’s hot, all the while making a bold fashion statement. There’s a different look to choose for every event, that’s tailored specifically for the time and occasion.
At times, certain events deem a particular type of tuxedo. This is where rental flexibility comes in. Pick a grey tux or morning suit if you’re having a summer wedding in the first half of the day. A typical formal wedding would probably require a white tie dress – most likely formal tails coupled with typically a white bow tie and vest.
A major benefit comes in the form of tailoring. Let’s say you can’t find a size that fits you well, with a rental, you have room to go up or down in size there and then, on the spot. Every time you rent, you get to pick just the right size. As opposed to a purchased suit where expensive alterations are required whenever you want to wear it.


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